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At Root Interactive, we produce playful usable yet beautiful websites and brand identities that reflect, develop and enhance your organisation, social enterprise, or small business.
We help you to explore and discover, question and learn. Whether you have the start of an idea or a detailed project in mind, get in touch and let’s get started!

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Our Services

At Root Interactive, we offer a broad range of web services. From standalone design work to complete website builds, we can provide any combination of creative, editorial and technical solutions. We also offer a catalogue of support services, including web hosting, online marketing and training.

Define your brand

Develop confidence in how you communicate who you are and what you do. Create logos and other brand assets.
Your brand is the essence of your organisation. Together, we can explore what your brand means and how you would like to develop it online. We can then help to create a visual identity that perfectly embodies your organisation’s values and vision, and ensure that your message is consistent across all media.

Grow your website

Create a website. We take you step by step from concept through design, build, launch and beyond.
At Root Interactive, we help our clients to flourish. We know how to make a website stand out from the crowd – and keep people coming back to your site. Our passion for design and technical knowledge means that we can advise you on what will work best for your website.

Manage your content

Upgrade your static site to a content managed solution and learn how to look after your website.
If you feel that you are not in control of your website and the content, then upgrading to a content management system such as WordPress or Drupal may be what you are looking for. We’ll help you get started by training you and getting building right from the start so you don’t forget so quickly.

Revive your site

Breathe web vitality into a sad, inactive or dead website, develop skills and become more productive online.
Whatever state your current website is in, we can help you take the very best from it and find ways to transplant, re-seed, tidy up, revitalise and otherwise care for it so that it can spring back to life.

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Philip Jones Workplace Dynamics

Workplace Dynamics

Workplace mediation and team facilitation professional Philip Jones, needed to refresh his website and refocus his…


Zone 2 Stay

New Intern accommodation agency Zone 2 Stay specialise in matching German Interns with quality rooms in…



The new Behavioural Behaviour Research Unit (BHRU) at the University of Cambridge was getting ready to…


Sustain For Life

International Charity ‘The Eurochange Charity’ develop projects in Uganda and Kenya to empower people to create…



Community Consultants South Kilburn is a London grass-roots organisation which aims to create projects for, and…


Blacksmith Designer

Sussex based Blacksmith James Price, found himself struggling with a content management system that was no…


Volunteer Centre

Brighton and Hove Volunteer centre needed to update their volunteering good practice guide so that it…


Elixir Photography

Mobile photography studio Elixir Photography, needed a website redesign. The old site was disjointed and awkward,…



Interactive Exhibitions Producer Vicky Cave, needed a web presence to showcase her work. Root Interactive worked…



Freelance Italian personal chef, Davide de Nadai, needed to define his brand and create a web…


Masson Joinery

Bespoke furnishings specialists Masson Joinery, needed a website to showcase their products and services. Root Interactive…



Diabetes charity BEMDA (Black and Ethnic Minorities Diabetes Association) needed a website to help promote their…


About us

Root Interactive is the web design and development consultancy of Jay Alvarez. Based in Brighton and Hove, we have been creating dynamic websites since 2005.

Our flexible, collaborative approach ensures that we bring fresh ideas to each project. As we use only the personnel required for the job, we can deliver cost-effective solutions for our clients.

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Beanstalk update

Simon and I have decided to cooperate in an endevour to prolong the life of our office beans by transplanting them to the support column in the centre of the room. This comes after the realisation that they are better off there than drifting akimbo in their little pots on our desks. Central support is called for.

It’s catching on!

I’ve not been well of late and this has led me to many delirious outpourings of well intentioned but badly worded social media exercises and artistic sproutings. I forgive myself for lack of grammatical and political correctness and thank Simon Sadler (yes funny that – another Simon) for his kind words of encouragement and am pleased to know that planting my business cards has taken off. His bean plant is doing very well as you will see.

I also planted a Root Interactive bean. I have never seen anything grow as fast as that magical bean; it is truly alive. It reminded me of how everything around and within us is ready and waiting to flourish; we just have to plant the seeds.





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